About the Restaurant

“A diamond in the rough”, was how proprietors’ Scott and Liz Reed immediately viewed 223 Richmond Street when they decided to take it on. The quaint little building was initially constructed in the early 1920’s and has lived through several incarnations since. Previous to the Bistro, it was the festive but seedy Mexican hangout, Casa Raphael.

A complete overhaul taking fourteen months of construction was in order to strip it down and restore the interior to its historic roots. Throughout the years, it has been updated to include a large outdoor back patio for parties and a more casual lounge area
up front.

They have long been known for their extensive wine list and were recently granted a liquor license that will be fully effective by early 2012. Since it’s opening, Second City Bistro has received a great deal of critical acclaim and has become a destination point in the South Bay.